Get Crafty  With Our Spirits

Take your mixologist – and cooking – skills up a notch with Iron Wolf Spirits. From cocktails to marinades and more, impress your friends with new creations!


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2oz Iron Wolf Select Bourbon 
<br>1oz simple syrup 
<br>1/2 of a large peach, diced 
<br>3-4 mint leaves <br>Ginger beer

Apple Pie Fizz

Big Tex - Bourbon

Big Tex

Black Widow - Vodka

Black Widow

Cranberry Moscow Mule Punch - Vodka

Cranberry Moscow Mule Punch

Giddy_Up! Mary

Giddy’Up! Mary

Giddy_Up! Mule

Giddy’Up! Mule

Good Mojo-ito - Rum

Good Mojo-ito

Hotscotch Butterbeer

Hotscotch Butterbeer

Hotscotch Eggnog

Hotscotch Eggnog

"2oz Iron Wolf Select Bourbon
2 lemon wedges
5 mint leaves
1oz maple syrup
Soda water"

Maple Bourbon Smash

Mistletoe Kiss - Gin

Mistletoe Kiss

New Fashioned - Hotscotch

New Fashioned

2oz Iron Wolf Select Bourbon
1oz simple syrup
1/2 of a large peach, diced
3-4 mint leaves
Ginger beer

Peach Bourbon Smash

"1.5oz Iron Wolf Select Bourbon
3oz peach tea
Cinnamon-soaked lemon slice
3/4oz honey
Fresh peach slice and mint leaves for garnish"

Peachy Keen

Poison Apple Cider - Iron Hot

Poison Apple Cider

Sweet Iron Berry

Sweet Iron Berry

"1.5oz Iron Wolf Select Bourbon
0.5oz honey liqueur
6oz hot coffee
Whipped cream and cinnamon for garnish"

Texas Coffee

"2oz Iron Wolf Select Bourbon
1.5oz vermouth
2 dashes of orange bitters
Choice of garnish: Orange peel, cherry or candied pecan"

Texas Manhattan

Iron Werewolf - Hotscotch

The Iron Werewolf

White Christmas - Rum

White Christmas


Join us at some local favorite bars & restaurants as we walk through how to make various Iron Wolf feature cocktails