Our Spirits

Unique and
Diverse Craft Spirits

Available on-site and select bars, restaurants and liquor stores


A pack favorite! True whiskey with natural butterscotch flavors, sweetness plus a blend of Texas peppers for backend heat…a unique “sweet & spicy” favorite.

Iron Hot

Unique Texas version of a market favorite. True whiskey with natural cinnamons, contains only natural sweeteners plus a blend of Texas peppers for backend heat…unique “sweet & spicy” favorite.


Texas’ original zesty horseradish infused vodka. A must with Austin’s own Revolution Rib Eye Bloody Mary mix! It’s also fantastic chilled with your steak or on oyster shooters.

Always ask for Iron Wolf Products!


Our Select Bourbon features a high-rye mash bill and with 4+ yrs aging in new oak barrels, delivers a rich and nicely complex experience with a spicey rye finish.


Fatures diverse citrus flavors layered on slightly muted juniper, cardamom and coriander base. A very refreshing and approachable modern gin.

Available exclusively on-site at Iron Wolf

Bourbon Barrel Rum

100% molasses, medium-bodied with light sweetness and a big boost of rich character from 1yr+ aging in our used Bourbon barrels. Adds terrific vanilla notes and complexity to any Rum cocktail.


100% corn, 7x distilled with a touch of corn sweetness. Smooth and drinkable as it is and also great in our unique flavored vodkas.

Iron Wolf Spirits… A Breed Apart!

At Iron Wolf Ranch & Distillery, we take great pride in our hand crafted products. We pay special attention to detail and design at Iron Wolf, both in our production process as well as our bottles and labels where we express this passion for detail. Iron Wolf is literally “engineered from the bottle up!”. Our striking custom bottle is a unique blend of traditional American whiskey on the upper half with a more modern angular lower half, all sitting on a thick base of glass complete with our embedded wolf paw feature… like our products, truly one of a kind!

We enjoy presenting you with a diverse collection of products and tastes, created from premium and natural ingredients and all with a touch of Texas. All of our spirits are available on site at Iron Wolf and several are now available in bars, restaurants and retailers in the greater Austin area. Look for Iron Wolf’s distinctive custom bottle and label at bars and retailers near you!