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Luna is our Siberian Gray Wolf. We adopted her when she was just 8 weeks old and she has been an important member of our “family pack” for 6 years now.

We are very lucky for her friendly personality as the nature and demeanor of wolves is quite diverse and never assured. As a smaller female, she has friendly and submissive behaviors although in the spirit of the wolf, still VERY independent and extremely intelligent.

She loves to be up high looking down (always prefers taking the “high ground” J ) and loves to run… like the wind!  Unlike the Husky and Malamute breeds, which are typically strong for pulling, she is quite lean with longer thinner legs to ensure speed and quickness, which in the wild will keep you fed and alive. Wolves have larger brains, teeth and jaws with much stronger biting force. Also, the eyes of wolves are typically yellow/amber colors… and not blue or brown as people sometimes think.

Look for Luna at Iron Wolf on Friday’s and also around town when we sponsor Iron Wolf tastings and events… she is great with kids and loves attention and getting her picture taken (like the recent photo shoot with models in a glamour magazine)!

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